The Ledger

Issues of The Ledger:

April 2019, Issue 13
December 2018, Issue 12
September 2018, Issue 11
June 2018, Issue 10
February 2018, Issue 9
November 2017, Issue 8
August 2017, Issue 7
May 2017, Issue 6
February 2017, Issue 5
November 2016, Issue 4
August 2016, Issue 3
May 2016, Issue 2
February 2016, Issue 1

Why The Ledger?
St. Matthew is a large and vibrant parish. By creating the newsletter, “The Ledger,” we plan to share more parish events and happenings with everyone. We hope that our stories will encourage more people to take part in the variety of ministries that our parish offers. We pray that your continued and increased involvement will continue to make you feel more at home in our community.

We decided on “The Ledger” after carefully considering a variety of names. St. Matthew was a tax collector who became one of Jesus’ twelve Apostles and one of the four Gospel writers. A tax collector would have kept a ledger to settle the financial balances of the community. Also, a writer would and still uses a ledger to record stories and events. We pray that we, as your family at St. Matthew, may support you on your journey to heaven and your commitments to ongoing Stewardship as you fill out your life’s Ledger.

Consider filling out our Steward Update at Stewardship Corner to become more involved at
St. Matthew.