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To All Men of the Parish

The 2019 Catholic Men’s Conference was a huge success with approximately 3,000 men attending. St. Matthew once again was the leader with the most men attend the conference. How wonderful would it be to have every man from St. Matthew attend the conference!

Last year there were several testimonials from St. Matthew men on how the conference affected their lives. How to become a better spiritual leader in their household, learn to be a better communicator to their family, be the example that God intended them to be for their family, being more engaged in their family life, learn to listen and know the needs of their family, a better prayer life, getting more involved with the church, and being a better participate during Mass.

Others that were first time conference attendees were brought to the conference by men of St. Matthew. They were non-believers that went and after listening to the speakers they wanted to know more about the Catholic Church.

Each of the men from St. Matthew received a bulletin that provided all of the ministries at St. Matthew. Did you know there were forty-nine ministries at St. Matthew! My challenge to them was to get involved in one ministry and make a difference in the church so their involvement would make a difference in their lives. “Put on the whole Armor of God and get plugged into St. Matthew” to be more involved. Each month please review our webpage on the St. Matthew website for monthly articles and resources that will help you spiritually. As Matthew Kelly states, “How can you be a better version of yourself.” My challenge to all the men of St. Matthew is to mark your calendar for Saturday, February 22, 2020 and “Put on the whole Armor of God” to reach other men to surpass our goal of 250 men. Who will you bring to the conference this next year that you haven’t brought before?

Thank you to all the St. Matthew men, sponsors, and the St. Matthew Men’s Conference team. I really appreciated all of you taking time out of your busy schedules to make the day at the men’s conference a very blessed and humbling experience. God bless!

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