St. Matthew Catholic Men’s Conference: St. Joseph

 St Joseph

Oh, I shouldn’t have eaten that last piece of fruitcake. What was I thinking – kissing Aunt Martha? She smells like moth balls. And all those resolutions I promised to keep but will never live up to or carry out. These are the real things Christmas is made of. We have good intentions but always seem to fall short of our own expectations.

Even when we have the energy to do so, we forget the nature of wishes. They are to be made and not demanded of. Or time today is so rushed that we put off what we can accomplish today. We need to use the holiday as a preparation for the new year. It is also a time for rest and reflection. Share the moments with those you love and invite them to prayer, some quite time away from all the store bought pies and presents.

Remember that it is family that makes the man not the other way around. Our reflections to each other make up an awesome tapestry to the pleasure of God. Allow yourself to be overtaken by sentiment and believe in the power of a single light shining in the darkness. Men, do not be afraid to let your guard down. Let that light make a bright impression. Live up to the one resolution that we can all keep – to be a better Christian to those we love and to those who need it the most. God bless and have a great new year.


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