St. Matthew Catholic Men’s Conference: St. Joseph

 St Joseph

There are things we do in life that ultimately change how we approach our daily efforts. Try these on for size – putting your finger in a light socket, zap. Not very smart gentlemen. Anybody smell ozone? Then another, placing your hand in an open flame. Feeling a little heat, are we? And then yet another – saying something to your loved one out of the corner or your mouth. Slip of the tongue? I say, run for the hills, the barn door has been opened and the stallion is loose.

We go through life with blinders on, not sure of what direction we should be headed or where we are going. I for one, get caught in a perpetual circle doing the same dumb thing over and over again. You would have figured I would have learned my lesson by now, but no, God’s sense of humor is boundless.

This Lenten season gives us a chance to alter our way of thinking. It allows us to become more intimately related to God. Take the momentum from the conference and use it wisely. Offer up additional prayers, do that extra something special for the wife and kids, and deliver on your promises. No exceptions gentlemen, when it comes to giving the gift of love. Take that comradery you feel from being amongst a group of men, over 3000 strong, and channel it into something that can be heard and felt across this nation of ours.

We need good men, especially now, to step up and fill the gaps in our armor. Our heart and our shield – this strength comes not from words but from the deeds we perform daily for our family, our friends and most importantly, ourselves. Keep up the good fight and keep those questionable thoughts to yourself. Shhh, the wife and kids are listening, well, mainly the wife. God bless.


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