St. Matthew Catholic Men’s Conference: Mission

Our Mission

As the St. Matthew Parish Catholic Men’s Conference team, we will promote, strengthen, and encourage men of St. Matthew to become daily followers of Jesus Christ – to renew men’s minds, transform their hearts, and enrich their souls on their own spiritual journey. We hope to aid men in deepening their Catholic faith, reinvigorating their spiritual life, and empowering them to better witness their faith to others.

We are the leaders of the domestic church and responsible for the spiritual growth of our families. And, with these important principles in mind, we need to be men for Jesus Christ.

Be the man for our family and our neighbor
Be a man of integrity
Be a man of forgiveness and discipline
Be a man of prayer and responsibility
Be a man of humility and love
Be a man of worship and witness
Be a man to serve the sick and the poor
Be a man to promote and foster conversion of others
Be a man of God and use our God given talents for the kingdom of God
Be a man on a mission to get others to heaven

We will promote, encourage, and challenge the men of St. Matthew to attend the Catholic Men’s Conference to be equipped to help all men in their faith journey.

Our Goals

  • We will continue leading the Catholic Men’s Conference in attendance each year.  Growing the attendance by forty percent each year for the next five years to reach the goal of one thousand men from St. Matthew Parish by 2021.
  • We will help men experience conversion to Jesus Christ and nurture an ever-deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Encourage men to experience the transformation in Jesus Christ, grow in their devotion of reading sacred scripture, deepening their prayer life, and learning more on the teaching of the Catholic Church.
  • We will mobilize men to become more active in the Parish life and to share their Catholic faith with confidence to others in their neighborhoods and workplace.
  • We will always sustain an ongoing relationship and the support from our Parish Pastor at St. Matthew for the Catholic Men’s Conference.
  • We will promote Parish based men’s faith sharing groups within the Parish to reach all men of St. Matthew.  This will provide an opportunity to build relationships and accountability among men in the Parish that builds brotherhood.
  • We will provide men with multiple communication methods to assist men in their spiritual formation needs.  We will collaborate and partner with other Catholic organization to seek and address the spiritual needs of men.
  • We will create a more evangelizing Parish that will affirm a vibrant Catholic faith to seek out and empower men to be called into leadership for ministry and evangelization.

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