Server Schedule, Information and Sign ups

O God, thank you for having graciously called me to serve at Your Altar and assisting others in their prayer to You. May I be worthy of the trust placed in me and through my example of humble service in being directed by my Guardian Angel may I assist in bring others closer to You. Grant me the grace to serve You faithfully and wholeheartedly. Open my mouth, O Lord, that I may bless your Holy Name. Cleanse my heart from all evil and distracting thoughts. Grant me a true spirit of faith and humble obedience so that I may ever behold the priest as a representative of God and to follow him in the Way, the Truth, and the Life of Christ. O Mary, Mother of Christ the High Priest, as I serve at the most Holy Sacrifice, obtain for me the grace of knowing my vocation in life.  St. John Berchmans, Patron of Altar Servers… pray for us.

Thank you for your commitment to being an altar server at St. Matthew Church.

April 2019

Server Substitutions

If and when a server needs a substitute for a slot they are scheduled for, it is the server’s responsibility to find another trained server to take their place at Mass.  This does not need to be communicated to the priest or the parish office.

Other servers are welcome to serve for Masses they are not scheduled for (if there are open spots), but scheduled servers or their substitutes have preference.  The priest or the emcee can dismiss servers not scheduled to serve if they recognize that there are too many.

Six servers (not including an emcee) are expected for each Sunday Mass; this number may increase on special feasts and solemnities such as Christmas and Holy Week.  For such Masses there will be special sign-ups.

Gentlemen – Dress Code

  • Boys are expected to wear slacks of a neutral color and a collared shirt; polos are acceptable and a tie is not required. Corduroy and khakis are allowed; jeans, cargo pants, and zip-offs are not to be worn.
  • These are to be complemented with neutrally colored socks. No excessive designs or white socks.  Socks are also to be long enough that when the server kneels no part of the leg is visible.
  • Dress shoes are to be worn of a neutral color. Black and brown boating shoes are allowed.
  • Sandals, sneakers, high-tops, and canvas shoes are not to be worn.
  • A well kept haircut is expected and older boys must be clean shaven.

Ladies – Dress Code

  • Girls are expected to wear a nice dress, skirt, blouse, or other suitable clothing for Mass. Tank tops, t-shirts, strapless dresses, and miniskirts are not permitted.
  • Leggings and tights are permitted so far as they are of a neutral color.
  • Dress shoes are expected. Sandals are allowed only for ladies as long as there is a strap across the heel.  Dress boots are permitted as long as they are of a neutral color, unassuming in design, and without fur.
  • High heels are not permitted as mobility is valued in the sanctuary and there are a number of steps to be climbed during the Mass.
  • Hair is to be well-groomed. Hair accessories are allowed as long as they are not excessive

Caveat to all servers: there are exceptions to the dress code policy if someone is asked the day of Mass to substitute for a missing server.

New Server Sign up:

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