Saint Matthew Parish Catholic Men’s Conference Team

Our 2018-19 Men’s Conference Team

Parish Team Members

Father Theodore Sill, Steve Davis (Parish Captain), Perry Basten, Jeff Bernard, Corey Black, Ted Deibel, Dominic Dinovo, Dylan Drugan, John Eckstein II, Ezra Escudero, Steve Friend, Ryan Floyd, Brian Gatch, Jim Gernetzke, Frank Hartge, George Harvey, Jim Hess, Mark Hoffman, John Howard, Jason Izolt, Paul Koors, Mike Laurent, Ron Lidderdale, Max Maksimoski, Mike McFadden, Tom Mignery, Shawn Miller, Alan Ratliff, Mike Springer, and Joe Thomas.

Our Vision

The vision for the St. Matthew Parish Catholic Men’s Conference team is to be the Catholic Men’s Ministry for the St. Matthew Parish community. We are blessed with a great culture and an ethnic diversity that represents a wide range of social and economic backgrounds. We were baptized into the church to be the light and salt of the world that brings hope. As commissioned by Jesus Christ, we are to go out into the world and bear fruit in his name and to have life in abundance. Our vision is inspired by Pope Francis to be the missionaries of the new evangelization and mercy. We envision the St. Matthew Parish community to be characterized by spiritual vitality and growth. It is our hope that the Catholic Men’s Conference will give the men of St. Matthew the spiritual growth and enrichment they need for their individual life journey.

Our Core Values

Word of God:  We believe in the power and the truth of God’s word.  We believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church with personal study and meditation in God’s word to renew minds and transform lives.

Family:  We believe the family is the domestic church of the Parish community.  We believe in strengthening marriages, encouraging parents, engaging individuals of divorce, and ministering to single people and youth.

Community:  We believe in coming together to worship as one Parish community that will strengthen our faith.  We believe in one Family coming together with spiritual leadership from the parents to guide our next generation, in the teaching of the Catholic Church.  We believe in one Journey, to help make sure that we are all ready for the heavenly journey.

Excellence:  We believe that Biblical excellence (by doing the best with what God has given us) to honor God and to inspire men and women in our Parish.

Prayer:  We believe that prayer is God’s main way of preparing His Church and people.  This includes individuals, family, and corporate prayer that will help strengthen this world one person at a time.

Relationships:  We believe that genuine relationships should permeate every part of the church.  We believe that being committed to one another and building team ministry within the Parish community.

Character:  We believe that we are called to live a life of morally sound character.  Which includes honesty, integrity, humility, meekness, self-discipline, perseverance, and has a servant’s heart.


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