Sacristan and Lector Schedules

Thank you all for your ongoing participation in this important liturgical ministry.  Proclaiming the Word is a special privilege, and I know that I am not alone in the sense of appreciation I share for your devotion, seriousness, and care in preparing for each time you’re scheduled – and for volunteering when asked.

May God bless you and the gift you share.

Sacristan Schedule:

April 2019 Sacristan Schedule

May 2019 Sacristan Schedule

June 2019 Sacristan Schedule

Lector Schedule:

Lector Schedule January thru March 2019

Lector Schedule April to June 2019

Lector reminders:

  • Please never fail to double-check the workbook, lectionary, and with the presiding priest BEFORE mass to ensure that you are prepared to read the correct reading for the week.  An ounce of prevention is worth avoiding confusion during the liturgy.
  • Announcements should be made by the Second Lector beginning 3 minutes before mass starts.
  • The Second Lector should take the lectionary up to the ambo when going to make the announcements.  Please do not take the lectionary up beforehand.
  • When going up to the ambo before proclaiming the word, your first direction from the pew should always be straight towards the ALTAR.  Reverence the Altar (not the ambo) by bowing towards the Altar.
  • It is not necessary to stand right next to the cantor when reverencing the Altar.  It is more important that your focus, direction, and reverence be focused on the Altar first, before proceeding to the ambo.
  • When the cantor comes down to the ambo for the Psalm, remember this “dance step” – after both of you (lector & cantor) finish bowing towards the Altar, the person who just finished proclaiming at the ambo should step away while the next person to proclaim should begin walking towards the ambo closest to the altar.  If the cantor reverses this process, then just go with the flow.
  • Except for scheduling or health concerns, I gently suggest that the First Lector offer to retrieve the lectionary after mass.  In any case, please check with the other lector at the end of mass and be sure that at least one of you brings the lectionary back from the ambo to the sacristy.