Preparing Your Wedding Liturgy at St. Matthew

Preparing your Wedding Liturgy:

Download the Wedding Liturgy Selection Form. Please type in your liturgy selections, save, and send to Jonni at and the clergy you are working with to prepare your wedding.

Many couples ask about a template to set up their worship aid for the wedding ceremony.  Select from the options below.  The Wedding Coordinator and Director of Music are available to assist in proofreading the final draft before printing, if desired.

Sample Wedding Program within Mass

Sample Wedding Program without Mass

Options for the Entrance Procession:

Options for the Entrance Procession

Options for Scripture Passages:

Reading I
Responsorial Psalm
Reading II
Gospel Verses

Options for Prayers and Blessings for Weddings within Mass (Select one from the appropriate category):

Set A1 Set A2
Set B1 Set B2
Set C1 Set C2

For Weddings outside of Mass between a Catholic and a baptized Christian: (new numbering system and documents listed under this title)

Option 1 Option 2
Option 3 Option 4
Option 5 Option 6

The Celebration of Matrimony:

Exchange Vows Blessing/Giving of Rings

Option of Flowers at the Altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the Ceremony:
Coming soon