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You will notice many questions below regarding marital status. Why?

The Catholic concept of marriage involves much more than holding the wedding in church.  What makes a marriage Christian isn’t a church blessing added on to a legal contract.  Christian marriage is a personal relationship of life-giving love in which two people make the love of Christ present to each other and become a sign of the love of Christ to those around them.  Because marriage is a sacrament, the bond cannot be broken by divorce. Jesus gave the sacraments to his Church so that he could continue to touch us in our daily lives.  In marriage, the relationship of the couple is the sacrament that reveals the love of God for people. The Catholic Church believes that a marriage between two baptized Christians is sacramental – a sign of Christ – even if they are both Protestant and not married in a Catholic church.  A marriage between two Protestants cannot be broken by divorce any more than a marriage between two Catholics, because both marriages are sacramental. Marriage is a covenant, of its nature monogamous and permanent.  Two people pledge themselves to each other for life.  Divorce is an exception to God’s desire for marriage: “A man cleaves to his wife and they become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).

We ask about marital status at the beginning of the RCIA process because if a parent of a candidate, a candidate or his/her spouse is in a second (or more) marriage, there may be the need for an annulment of the first or previous marriage(s), even if all parties involved are/were not Catholic.  The annulment process is lengthy, and should be started as soon as possible.  Most of the time, those in need of an annulment from their own or their spouse’s former marriage will have a delay in entering the full communion of the Church, and are not able to receive the sacraments at Easter time.   However, the candidate is encouraged to continue the RCIA process while awaiting a decision on an annulment.  Once an annulment is granted and the current marriage is blessed by the Church, the candidate may receive his/her sacraments of initiation immediately.   For more information on marriage, divorce, and annulments, please see a member of the staff.  Journey of Faith C7, Catechumenate, The Sacrament of Marriage; Fr. Patrick Kaler, C.Ss.R.; Fr. Michael Henesy, C.Ss.R, Terry Matz; © 1993, 2005 Liguori Publications Christ Among Us: Anthony Wilhelm.  © 1985 Harper & Row Publishers  [3] Christ Among Us: Anthony Wilhelm.  © 1985 Harper & Row Publishers

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Adapted for Children of Catechetical Age
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