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Upcoming Events/Announcements


THE NEXT KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS SMOKER/BBQ EVENT IS SUNDAY, AUGUST 19 – The Knights of Columbus, St. Jude Council 5801 has kicked off our second season of our Smoker/BBQ events. All proceeds go to St. Matthew Charitable Works to help the needy in the Gahanna community. All orders must be placed by the Wednesday before the event (August 15) by 5:00 p.m. and pick-up time is after the 10:00 a.m. and noon Masses on Sunday, August 19. We will be located outside the Knights Hall, west of the school. Look for the smoke in the south parking lot. We will feature a variety of smoked meats each month with two sides. All orders are packaged in cup, pint, and quart size plastic container. You can purchase one or multiple sides. Also we have a family package of four that is a big hit this year. Please check out the K of C bulletin board by the Parish Office for more details. There will be order forms available there or you can place your order online at If you have never placed an order before and have questions, please contact Steve Davis at 419-989-0325. Enjoy this summer with some really delicious smoked food after Mass to take home or go to the park for a picnic.

THAT MAN IS YOU MEN’S MINISTRY PROGRAM – My name is Steve Davis, TMIY Coordinator for St. Matthew Parish. I’d like to thank Father Sill and all the clergy for their support and giving me the opportunity to announce the start of the new year of THAT MAN IS YOU Men’s Ministry Program. We had an amazing time last year and those that completed the program have truly been impacted. I know for me personally, I have learned so much about what it is to be a better man and father. For many of us, it was the start of a journey, a journey that we would like for all men of the Parish to join us on. One of the great things about TMIY is that you can join at any time. Men can benefit no matter when they join. In taking this step, you will be one of over 25,000 men going through the TMIY program this year across the country. It is a powerful thing when you gather with a group of other like-minded men striving to do right by God and their families. I know life is busy, but we just ask that you give the program a try. If you are not able to make it every week, we understand, come when you can. The program is getting started again for the TMIY – Year 3 on Sunday, September 10 from 6:15-7:20 p.m. in the Knights Hall and TMIY – Year 4 on Saturday, September 9 from 7:00-8:20 a.m. in the St. Anthony Room Please consider joining us and see what God has in store for you. The content and the fellowship can change lives. We will have sign-up sheet in the Gathering Space with brochures to further explain the content for this year’s program. TMIY – Year 3 will be “Unveiling of Love” and TMIY – Year 4 will be “Revelation of the Father.” Year 4 will have a mystery breakfast each second Saturday of the month. For more information please contact Steve Davis at or call 419-989-0325.

Please help us update our records:

In an effort to ensure our Parish database is 100% accurate, we are requesting all members of the parish complete the parish roster update. It can be accessed via or under Quick Links on Saint Matthew’s main page. In order to receive your Online Giving Statement, your primary email address must be accurate. For those parishioners without internet access, please pick up a form in the Gathering Space and return it to the Parish Office. Please email any questions to Leo Grimes at We appreciate your time, cooperation and commitment to the parish.

Perpetual Adoration Reminders

  • Free Wifi – A visitor wifi has been made available for use in the Divine Mercy Chapel.  No password needed for now. This will allow adorers use on their kindles and smart phones for such apps as iPieta, iBreviary, Laudete, The Pope App, Bible App, etc. Please do not bring laptops inside as the flickering lights will distract other adorers. We will keep this active as long as it is not abused.
  • Normal Unlock Schedule – The Adoration Chapel door (the one with the keypad) is currently unlocked from 8AM – 6PM on weekdays and 7AM – 6PM on weekends. If the security light on the keypad is flashing green and red, the system is in unlock mode. If it is solid red it is in locked mode. The door will not latch during unlock mode, and you do not need to worry about it.
  • Unified Prayer – “Eternal Father, before your Son I stand, with only my broken dreams, broken efforts and sinful nature before me. As I pray before thee, I unite myself in faith, hope and love with all my brothers and sisters who pray in this chapel. Please hear the prayers and concerns of my brothers and sisters and have mercy on us and on the whole world.“ – Please recite this prayer as you walk into the chapel, and weigh what it means. Remember to take a look through the blessings / prayer book on the sign-in. If we unite our prayers before the Lord, then you will have over 400 dedicated Catholics praying every week for your petitions.
  • Phone – It is not feasible to add a phone to the current layout. If you need a phone and do not have one on you, there is a phone in the St. Anthony Kitchen. You are welcome to use it in case of emergencies.
  • Cleaning Schedule – Cleaning is set for Friday evenings from 11 pm – midnight. We have ten in our rotating crew, but we still need another six. Yes, it is during the wee hours, but it is done at that time so as to disrupt other adorers the least. If you volunteer, you are only committing to six times in a year. It is very sustainable, and what a great ministry to be a part of. It is easy, and we have a cleaning cart, supplies, dedicated vacuum, and check list.

Incense at Mass – The 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Sunday Masses will be dedicated “no-incense” Masses throughout the year.

Ongoing Events

That Man is You

Every Saturday morning, we meet at 7 – 8:30 am in the undercroft of the church.