Fees and Stipends

Deposit: A $100.00 deposit must be paid at the time the wedding date is set with the Wedding Coordinator. The deposit will be returned if all policies are followed, the Church is left in a proper state after the ceremony and all media materials borrowed from the Marriage Preparation class is returned.

Church: The Church usage fee for non-parishioners or non-active parishioners is $1000.00, due at the time of scheduling.   This is in addition to the $100.00 deposit.

Parish Priest/Deacon: It is customary to offer the priest or deacon at least $100.00 for his assistance.

Music: $200.00 for the Director of Music and $75.00 for a Parish Cantor.

Wedding Rehearsal Coordinator:  $150.00 for coordinating the wedding rehearsal, setting up and assisting in the celebration of your wedding.

Altar Server: $10.00 for each server.  3 are needed for a Mass; 1 is needed for a wedding without  a Mass.

Custodian: $30.00 for setup and clean up.