Extraordinary Minister Sub Page

Thank you for being an Extraordinary Minister at St. Matthew! Please note, if the Person Substituting column is blank, the position is still unfilled.


Date Time Position Person Scheduled Person Substituting
3-24-2019 10am Sunday H2 Sarah Pancake
3-24-2019 5pm Sunday H2 Debbie Sears Gina Sergio
3-24-2019 5pm Sunday H4 Darlene Doody
4-7-2019 5pm Sunday H1 Terri Gaborcik
4-21-2019 10am Sunday H3 Mary Otting
4-21-2019 Noon Sunday H4 Mary Chandler Rosi Whitt
4-28-2019 8am Sunday H1 Joyce Smith
4-28-2019 8am Sunday H2 Mike Smith
4-28-2019 5pm Sunday H3 Eric Thompson
5-4-2019 5pm Saturday H3 Thom Saarie
5-4-2019 5pm Saturday C5 AnneMarie Saarie
5-11-2019 5pm Saturday H1 Mindy Mays Vicki Wengert
5-12-2019 10am Sunday C2/H0 Carol Ann Lombardi
5-12-2019 10am Sunday C3 Marilyn Jenkins Martina Puleio
5-19-2019 10am Sunday C5 Martina Puleio