Electronic Contribution Option

We, at St. Matthew, believe that Stewardship and active participation in the church can be accomplished in three unique ways:

1. Participate:  Participate 1 hour per week in community prayer (Sunday Mass).

2. Devote: Devote 1 hour per week volunteering in a parish ministry.

3. Contribute: Contribute 1 hour of weekly income (2.5%) for financial support.

To make contributions more convenient, we encourage the use of the Electronic Contribution Option or ECO.

What are the benefits for me, the Parishioner, by using ECO?

• Eliminates the need for writing checks
• Allows you to align offertory contributions with paycheck schedules
• Increases the convenience of contributions while traveling
• Eliminates complications from lost or misplaced contributions

We encourage you to download the Electronic Contribution Option Form and return to the office along with a voided check.

We appreciate your commitment to financially supporting our mission of serving the Catholic community of our area.