Grades 4-8
Student must be enrolled in one of the following:
– St. Matthew School
– St. Matthew PSR classes
– School of the Resurrection PSR classes
– Other Columbus Diocese programs are eligible under certain circumstances
** Students may participate in St. Matthew Soccer at the same time **



Payment Method

Credit card via Paypal. (You can log into a Paypal account, or pay without logging in.)


Registration is mid-May through mid-June.

Key Dates (approximate)

Season Length August – October


Grades 4-8 are recreational teams. Depending on the number of athletes registered, grade levels may be combined within the school or with other parish schools in order to field a team. The combination of grade level teams is common across the Diocese for almost all parishes.


Practices are scheduled 3 to 4 times per week. As all of our coaches are volunteers, we try to accommodate the coaches’ work schedules as best we can. A typical practice lasts for 1 ½ to 2 hours in duration. Practice times typically begin between 5pm and 6:30pm. Practice times may change as the season progresses and we lose daylight. A final practice schedule will be determined as we approach the season when head coaches will communicate with parents. Practices are held in the St. Matthew Fields behind the Gahanna Pool.

Uniforms and Equipment

Uniforms will be provided by St. Matthew. Players will need their own cleats (rubber molded) and a mouth guard for practices and games. Many players choose to purchase their own integrated girdle pads as well (like underwear with the hip, tail, and thigh pads sewn in).


Games are held on Saturdays OR Sunday afternoons and consist of four (4) eight (8) minute quarters with a ten (10) minute halftime period.