One Parish. One Family. One Journey.​

One parish committed to Jesus Christ, His teachings, His Church.
One family seeking to support each other in faith, hope, and love.
One journey towards eternal life in heaven.

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Deacon Hartge’s Reflection on the Solemnity of St. Matthew

This year St. Matthew’s feast day falls on a Sunday, thus giving our parish the opportunity to celebrate it as a solemnity in the place of the normal Sunday Solemnity. Feast days are memorials of a saint or some other special devotion…

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STEWARDSHIP: the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.

How Can We Be Stewards of the Faith?

1. Participate:
Participate 1 hour per week in community prayer (Sunday Mass).

2. Devote:
Devote 1 hour per week volunteering in a parish ministry.

3. Contribute:
Contribute 1 hour of weekly income (2.5%) for financial support.

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