Attention all current and future altar servers!

We are currently reworking our list of servers to make sure we are up to date.  If you are a current altar server at Mass & wish to continue or you have never served before and are interested in becoming an altar server, please READ MORE with your parents’ permission to signup. Thanks, Fr. Daniel

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Sacred Heart Congress: October 15, 2016

St. Matthew will be hosting the 5th Annual Sacred Heart Congress of the Diocese of Columbus. All who want to learn more about the venerable and important devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus are invited.

Read more to register for this event.

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STEWARDSHIP: the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.

How Can We Be Stewards of the Faith?

1. Participate:
Participate 1 hour per week in community prayer (Sunday Mass).

2. Devote:
Devote 1 hour per week being a steward in a parish ministry.

3. Contribute:
Contribute 1 hour of weekly income (2.5%) for financial support.

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